Mid-level sedans are the commuter cars of America. To sell them, you need to make them
acceptable to the average American. The way to do this is to appeal to segment needs of
quality and value.

Key Insights
We decided to turn Honda’s and Toyota’s success against them and let them continue to harp about
quality and value. We made the Altima successful by turning it into “the cure for the common car.”
By taking this message directly to opinion leaders, we upended the category.

Strategic/Creative Solution
Everything from print, to TV, to coffee cops positioned “the cure for the common car.”
Prescription label art direction was used to communicate and brand the line.

Media Solution
The media strategy was simple: spend big with a simple idea. 150MM was spent in all media
in 2002, which enabled us to produce 20 million coffee cup holders, a 12-page print insert,
9 spread print ads, countless online banners, 12 TV spots and a direct mail piece that included
a custom-made Altima Hotwheel car. The Altima launch became the cure for the common
ad campaign.

Positioning is now of par with Camry and Accord. Altima is now retailing for more than the most successful
Honda and Toyota products. The number of conquest buyers has doubled. Because of the resounding success, Nissan has now increased sales goals for the Altima for the next two years.

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