In 2002, Nissan had dug its way out of a decade-long period of sales declines and weak product lineup. With vehicles like the Xterra and Altima, Nissan could claim both momentum in the marketplace and products that were highly desirable and praised. Nissan also began to look at its brand and focused on two words that would define it globally: BOLD and THOUGHTFUL. Nissan decided to abandon its tagline of DRIVEN centered on SHIFT as a way to express its philosophy and vehicles.

Key Insights
The SHIFT tagline would have no effect internally, or externally, if it merely tagged existing spots. SHIFT needed to be institutionalized and called out to the world. The SHIFT thought came to be summarized, “A shift can change a person, a life, the world...or it can simply change the way you move through it.” The global SHIFT_ campaign was born.

Strategic/Creative Solution
In the U.S., the word forms half of an advertising slogan that ends emotionally: “Shift passion” or “Shift dreams.” In Europe, the line is “Shift expectations.” In Japan, it is “Shift the future.”
Nissan itself now says: “Shift is not a tagline. It is the manifestation of our company. It embraces everything we are trying to be. We are shifting all the time.The power of the idea helps people to shift across cultures, across languages, across geography. It brings a challenge to each one of us and the opportunity to respond creatively in whatever we do.”

Nissan’s product portfollio and work continues to live up to the SHIFT_ philosophy. It is the first global line ever instituted by Nissan Motor Company. It continues to drive the brand all over the globe, now 8 years later.

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